On a weekly basis, I have clients telling me things like “that workout was awesome, I was super sore!” Or things like “I don’t think that workout was hard enough, I didn’t feel sore at all!” Two wildly opposing ideas. Even on occasion someone may get too sore and now that means the workout was […]


June 11, 2023

Is your workout effective?

When I am designing macro plans for people, one of the biggest pushbacks I get is the amount of protein. A myriad of reasons create concern, but here are 2 I hear pretty regularly; Volume: It’s a lot of food! The focus in not just calories, but about macros. The volume of whole foods is […]


June 4, 2023

The Great Protein Pushback

Alright, maybe a liar is a little strong, but at the bare minimum it loves to bend the truth. One of the most handy, readily available tools for tracking our progress is the good ‘ol bathroom scale. You guys know I love any kind of data, so why the beef with the scale? Thanks for […]


May 29, 2023

The Scale is a Liar

You all know anytime I can get an hefty serving of protein, I say “yes, please!” Make it anything chocolate (and peanut butter) and you’ll have my heart forever. This high protein overnight oats recipe is no exception. No one in my family is a morning person. Sure we are technically out of bed around […]


May 22, 2023

Brownie Batter Protein Overnight Oats

We’ve all been there; you go to the gym 3, 4, 5 days a week and week after week, but nothing seems to be changing. You have tried all the machines, all the free weights and the cardio classes galore! But your physique refuses to budge, and you feel like your getting stronger but do […]


May 15, 2023

What is Progressive Overload and why do you need it?

I have a huge pet peeve – protein balls that are not actually protein balls. Seriously, have you ever looked at the macros of one of those tings? It’s usually significantly more fat and carbs, close to 20 grams of each, with maybe 5 grams of protein and we have the audacity to call it […]


May 8, 2023

Protein ball favorites, might actually a fat bomb.

Chocolate dipped protein ball

In 2020, when the world basically blew up, working out from home became the mainstream. We stopped going to work, the the store, to park, and to the gym. Prices on gym equipment hit all time premiums, and honestly, I probably could have sold all my home gym equipment and had enough money for a […]


May 1, 2023

Home Gym Essentials

home gym essentials

It’s no secret that post workout is the best time to consume a high quality whey protein and some quick digesting carbs! Gyms are full of meat heads and muscle mommies shaking their shaker bottles like the shake weight of the early 2000’s. But if slamming a watery, gritty shake before you’ve even stopped sweating […]


April 24, 2023

Post Workout Power Smoothie

chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie

In 2017 I had just come off a hard season of my life. I had lost a friend (she didn’t die, we simply parted ways) who I was going to open a gym with. I took the split hard, and felt lost for a while. I had spent so much time and energy preparing for […]

Goal Setting

April 17, 2023

I am not Ironman

Far too often we are bombarded with the onslaught of 30 day challenges, 21 day fixes, starting next Mondays, starting after the holiday, the vacation, the birthday celebration or whatever. We set lofty goals for ourselves. Why? Because we are hard core, we are motivated, and we are probably sick of facing our shame and […]

Goal Setting

April 10, 2023

The Goals We Love to Hate

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