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The Moxie Project is just like most of us. An ongoing, ever evolving project to become our best selves; and after training for over a decade, the biggest thing I have learned for myself and from my clients is that it’s so much more than physical.

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these are the limiting factors that could be holding you back.

You have been in and out of gyms for years, but never seem to look different.

You eat "healthy" and don't understand why you aren't seeing results.

You jump from program to program because you don't know what to do for your body.

You want to be confident in your ability to lift weights and change your body.

You just want to look like you workout as much as you do.

if you answered yessss to any of these

you're in the right

look no further.

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I have been coaching with Liz since 2017 - my initial goal was to maintain weight, strength and an active lifestyle throughout my first pregnancy. I feel that Liz has helped me to accomplish even more than that. I have learned so much from her weekly coaching, my form is consistent and I no longer doubt my ability to achieve training goals. Liz has been an incremental part of my pregnancy journey now after having 2 kids. Her coaching is a major part of my healthy lifestyle and it’s something that I plan to continue long term.’

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- M.L.

is a

‘I am down 40 lb and 4 pant sizes. Most amazingly I went from 11 thyroid pills a day to 5. I used to think ‘I have a thyroid problem, I can’t lose weight’ - but find a program that works, keep moving and pushing yourself, and get a trainer that tells you the truth (Liz)! 

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feel alive

‘I used to not be able to get through a warm up with getting exhausted. Now I have enough stamina to complete a whole workout.’

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