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The heart of The Moxie Project.  You are tired of knowing you need to eat better, but not knowing how; tired of going to the gym, and not knowing what to do or why; done talking down to yourself and making excuses for starting next week. Tired of self doubt and insecurity. 

A full on education of how to design workouts, select exercises, and know that you will be getting out of your workouts exactly what you put into them!

Guides and resources for your nutrition to help you make the best choices not only for your training and your goals, but for your lifestyle and long term health and wellness. 

This is a course that requires you to show up, and put into practice what you learn. But by doing so, you will no longer rely on trainers, Pinterest, instagram, or magazines again to ensure you are looking and feeling the way you want. 

Invest in you

Drip course with resources and guides to help you navigate through the bullshit of the health and fitness industry. Sample templates workouts and meal guides to get you started on your way to learn how to do it your way!

12 week Course

Go at your own pace

Sample strength training plans

Sample macro Meal Plan and guides

How it works


why moxie?

Because I've been there too. I have hopped from program to program on the promise of losing the last five pounds. I have cut our carbs, dairy, alcohol, and sugar. I have been on the rollercoaster - and it's time to get off. I know that with just a little bit of structure and planning our workouts, and a some guidelines and good habits with nutrition and mindset you can totally show your moxie and be a total confident badass. 


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Samples of where to start for 3/4 x''s per week, body part splits, equipment selection and more. 

Meal planning strategies and tips to help take the guess work out of cooking and fueling you body. 

A course that is yours to keep forever with suggested homework, exercise plans, meal planning and a full education so you can be confident you KNOW what you are doing when you step foot in the gym or when you are planning your weekly meals. 

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