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The heart of The Moxie Project. You are ready for a full transformation; Mind, body, and all. You are tired of knowing you need to eat better, but not knowing how; tired of going to the gym, and not knowing what to do or why; done talking down to yourself and making excuses for starting next week. Tired of self doubt and insecurity. 

You are ready to dig in and show some grit. You are ready to find tenacity, courage, and confidence. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 

It’s time. We will work together to build lasting changes from the ground up with your strength training, nutrition, habits and mindset. This collaboration requires honesty, trust, and working together. This is a partnership and the project of owning your strength and learning how to build life long habits and changes together. I am here to partner with you, guide you, and find what works best for you in each aspect of taking back your health. 

This is having your trainer, your nutrition coach, your cheerleader and accountability partner in your back pocket. 

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This initial call will set the tone for your first weeks of training, nutrition and guidance. We will dive into everything from your history of training and your relationship with food to how you think about and treat yourself. Goals, timeline, lifestyle, history, and schedule all play a part in this. The more open and honest you are the better this works! You will get out what you put in. 




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The Moxie Project is just that. A Project. On ongoing, ever changing evolution of becoming who you are and who you want to be. Aesthetic stuff is just a perk. The Moxie Project wants you to choose to show up for yourself, and I’ll be there with you. By emphasizing the simple, but sometimes difficult tasks of eating well, and getting stronger you will start to shift how you think about yourself, how you treat yourself and others, and become an unstoppable total badass.

Of course you will learn something like how to manipulate your weight training program or what macros you need to feel your best, but ultimately this is a lifestyle transformation journey and I can’t wait to start this project with you. 



Completely customized 6-week program around your individual goals, schedule, wants, needs, available equipment, and injuries. 

Macro based diet program around your needs and goals. This may also include food suggestions or guidance, meal timing, and supplement suggestions. 

Comments, questions or videos from your workouts? Send ‘em over! Questions about what to eat, when to eat, where to eat? I got you. Party coming up and you don’t want to miss out - let's strategize together! These check-ins allow me opportunities to guide you through the decision making process in each avenue, make sure you are training well each week, eating for your goals, thinking clearly and positively and most importantly feeling great about your progress while enjoying your life! 

Access The Moxie Project app which will break down all of your moves with video demonstration and allow you to track your progress; bonus workouts, articles, recipes, challenges and more!

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