what is
the moxie project?

The Moxie Project is an ongoing, ever evolving project to become our best selves; the biggest thing I have learned is that it’s so much more than physical.

I am the girl who lifted weights for years and ate "healthy" and never seemed to look any different. I never "looked" like I worked out as much as I did. I just wanted to outside to reflect all the hard work I felt like I was putting in. I would hop from program to program trying to "shock" my muscles into doing what I wanted, and I just ended up more confused than ever. I would restrict certain foods without any reason, other than some women's health magazine said to.

Moxie isn't sexy. It isn't creative or groundbreaking or shiny and new. It's old school. It's lifting heavy things, and putting them down, a lot. It's eating well, and making sure you are getting what your body actually needs. It's drinking water, sleeping, and recovering, and living your life because you don't need to overcomplicate your fitness. 

It's cutting through the noise and glitz of the fitness world, and actually learning how to effectively train, eat, and behave to get and maintain the body you want, the mindset you need, and the peace you crave for yourself.

Most of us start off our fitness journeys with some sort of aesthetic goal. Lose some weight, tone up, etc. But when we finally not only accomplish an actual physical goal like a PR, or health goal - you LEARN how to do it for yourself. We develop an unshakable tenacity and grit, because you are confident you can do it. 

Incorporating the simple disciplines of eating well, moving well, and being kind to yourself will unleash a powerful freedom to be the best, strongest, most fearless version of you. 

The Moxie Project isn’t just about changing your body. It’s about becoming exactly who you want to be. It’s a project of loving yourself as you are, and still knowing your best is yet to come. 

Show up, and show a little moxie. 

Xoxo, Liz

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