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the moxie project?

The Moxie Project is just like most of us. An ongoing, ever evolving project to become our best selves; and after training for over a decade, the biggest thing I have learned for myself and from my clients is that it’s so much more than physical.

I've been a trainer and group instructor for 12 years. I have taught almost every kind of class there is (except Zumba !) and trained in almost every fad style there is. The honest truth of it is that nothing beats lifting weights and good nutrition for the changes most of us want to see. 

Most of us start off our fitness journeys with some sort of aesthetic goal. Lose some weight, tone up, etc. But the most amazing transformation happens when people become successful in conquering something physical they never before believed to be possible. It's a tangible, measurable success of moving a mountain! They develop an unshakable tenacity and grit. I've seen it, and it's truly awe inspiring.

People who used to shy away from challenges at home, at work, frustrations, and responsibilities start rising to the occasion; start finding harmony in themselves and their home work life balance. Incorporating the simple disciplines of eating well, moving well, and being kind to yourself unleash a powerful freedom to be the best, strongest, most fearless version of you. 

The Moxie Project isn’t just about changing your body, it’s about becoming exactly who you want to be. It’s a project of loving yourself as you are, and still knowing your best is yet to come. 

My dream for The Moxie Project is for you to choose daily to show up for yourself, invest in your physical , mental, and emotional health and own your strength, in every sense of the word. 

Show up, and show a little moxie. 

Xoxo, Liz

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