As with all things fitness, the answer invariably is “it depends.” How often you should lift weights is not a simple cookie cutter answer. Just like how much food should you eat, or how much money should you be spending; how often you lift weights is very personal and depend on a variety of factors. […]

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July 24, 2023

How often should you lift weights?

After I had my second baby, (sweet baby girl Rory, who can do no wrong and has Nate wrapped around her precious little Cheeto stained finger) I was feeeeeelin that extra baby weight. I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy, and being the all or nothing personality that I am, I was trying so hard […]


July 16, 2023

Step Tracking, Yay or Nay?

On a weekly basis, I have clients telling me things like “that workout was awesome, I was super sore!” Or things like “I don’t think that workout was hard enough, I didn’t feel sore at all!” Two wildly opposing ideas. Even on occasion someone may get too sore and now that means the workout was […]


June 11, 2023

Is your workout effective?

We’ve all been there; you go to the gym 3, 4, 5 days a week and week after week, but nothing seems to be changing. You have tried all the machines, all the free weights and the cardio classes galore! But your physique refuses to budge, and you feel like your getting stronger but do […]


May 15, 2023

What is Progressive Overload and why do you need it?

In 2020, when the world basically blew up, working out from home became the mainstream. We stopped going to work, the the store, to park, and to the gym. Prices on gym equipment hit all time premiums, and honestly, I probably could have sold all my home gym equipment and had enough money for a […]


May 1, 2023

Home Gym Essentials

home gym essentials

When it comes to your progress in the gym, one of the most underrated tools in your arsenal is a workout tracker. I’m not talking about an apple watch, or fitbit (we’ll come back to those later…) So what exactly makes a good workout tracker? Do you really need one? Your feelings mean squat. Here’s […]


March 30, 2023

One thing you aren’t doing, that’s killing your progress.

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