Summer is upon us, and that means barbecues, parties, and nights eating out on the patio with your friends. Want to make a party super uncomfortable super fast? Bust out your food scale on the picnic table to weigh your burger. (Seriously, it makes people crazy uncomfortable.) Or, perhaps you would prefer to take a […]


August 7, 2023

The Palm Method

Everyone needs a little convenience from time to time. Often breakfast is the first thing to go early in our day because it is inconvenient to spend time making it instead of sluggin’ our coffee on the way out the door, or heading to the local Starbucks to grab a breakfast sandwich. You guys know […]

Nutrition, Recipes

July 31, 2023

Simple Morning Breakfast Sandwich

When I am designing macro plans for people, one of the biggest pushbacks I get is the amount of protein. A myriad of reasons create concern, but here are 2 I hear pretty regularly; Volume: It’s a lot of food! The focus in not just calories, but about macros. The volume of whole foods is […]


June 4, 2023

The Great Protein Pushback

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