The thing I love about these chicken meatball wraps is that you can adjust your protein intake so easily. They are just as tasty wrapped in lettuce for 0 carbs, as they are in pillowy pita bread. Because each meatball is 7 grams of protein, you get to choose how much or how little protein […]


August 28, 2023

Mediterranean Chicken Meatball Wraps

There is no denying that getting in shape can be expensive. Even an economical route will inevitably cost a few dollars here and there as you begin your fitness project. The deeper we go, the more we spend (because it’s fun and we want to, not necessarily because we need more.) So, what is the […]


August 21, 2023

The Cost of Muscle

Summer is upon us, and that means barbecues, parties, and nights eating out on the patio with your friends. Want to make a party super uncomfortable super fast? Bust out your food scale on the picnic table to weigh your burger. (Seriously, it makes people crazy uncomfortable.) Or, perhaps you would prefer to take a […]


August 7, 2023

The Palm Method

Everyone needs a little convenience from time to time. Often breakfast is the first thing to go early in our day because it is inconvenient to spend time making it instead of sluggin’ our coffee on the way out the door, or heading to the local Starbucks to grab a breakfast sandwich. You guys know […]

Nutrition, Recipes

July 31, 2023

Simple Morning Breakfast Sandwich

As with all things fitness, the answer invariably is “it depends.” How often you should lift weights is not a simple cookie cutter answer. Just like how much food should you eat, or how much money should you be spending; how often you lift weights is very personal and depend on a variety of factors. […]

Goal Setting, Workouts

July 24, 2023

How often should you lift weights?

After I had my second baby, (sweet baby girl Rory, who can do no wrong and has Nate wrapped around her precious little Cheeto stained finger) I was feeeeeelin that extra baby weight. I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy, and being the all or nothing personality that I am, I was trying so hard […]


July 16, 2023

Step Tracking, Yay or Nay?

Summer is basically in full swing. Here in the PNW that means sunny and 75 most days, and anything over 80 is a heat wave! My gym is already getting a little warmer too. Sports bra only it is! I once worked at a gym (that shall remain nameless.) Let me describe it for you. […]

8 Week Challenge

July 10, 2023

It’s gonna be a sports bra summer…

This week features a client spotlight – I have teamed up with client and best friend of 16 years, Lacey, to share this super simple, macro friendly recipe with you! I like to describe Lacey as a younger cross between Martha Stewart (without the jail time) and Joanna Gaines. Everything she touches in the home […]

Client Spotlight, Recipes

July 2, 2023

Client Spotlight

As a woman, a mother, a wife, a fitness professional I can say that my ideal weight has changed so much over the years. Back in high school and college my ideal weight was 1 lb less than my best friend or sister. Think “The Price is Right”; best friend weighs 135 lb? My ideal […]


June 26, 2023

How to find your ideal weight.

Have you ever dedicated yourself to a transformation challenge? The kind where you sign up for 30 days of cardio, food logging, burpees, whatever! Inevitably during the challenge you step on the scale only to see that it has creeped up during all your hard work, not down. WTF! Some well meaning friend or family […]


June 19, 2023

It’s all muscle, right?

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